Prism 9 DHA Phase 9 Lahore

The Defence Housing Authority (DHA) is shortly expected to start the development work on the Prism 9 DHA Phase 9 Lahore project.

DHA has already provided a range of investment opportunities across the country with DHA Prism 9 expected to be the largest phase of the entire project. The Lahore chapter provided by DHA has given foreign and domestic investors a perfect chance to get access to some of the finest real estate in the DHA Lahore district.

The planned commencement date for the work to start on Prism 9 (Phase IX) is February 8th, 2016. After giving the announcement of this news it is expected a price jump in local addresses is virtually guaranteed. The time-frame to complete DHA Prism 9 is expected to be in the region of 3 or 4 years.

Prism 9 DHA Phase 9 Lahore is reported to be the largest stage of the project in DHA Lahore and estimated to take up to 40000 Kanals of land, which is planned to give space for 2,000 commercial units and 20,000 residential units.

This development is planned to include a long list of features with state-of-the-art infrastructure of roads, a business convention centre, Dolphinarium, underwater zoo, amusement centre, golf course, many parks, mosques, civic zones, and much more.

DHA had previously said it aimed to fast-tract the development work to make sure the development was attractive to investors, and they have clearly been able to live up to this promise.

Charges that must be met by the owners of the plot files include development charges, which must be paid now and due in quarterly instalments. The amount to pay varies with the plot size and plot type.

For instance, a 1 Kanal plot size for a residential unit incurs development charges of PKR 1,950,000 over a 3 year instalment period, while an 8 Marla plot size of a commercial unit incurs development charges of PKR 3,750,000 with the same instalment period.

Market prices

The Prism 9 DHA Phase 9 Lahore has a very attractive location which means it has the potential to attract very high prices when complete, and more than any of the other development phases.

The market value of the commercial and residential units will vary with the different locations. The prices currently being reported in the Prism 9 phase range from PKR 5,500,000 to PKR 11,500,000 for a 1 Kanal residential unit, PKR 4,000,000 to PKR 5,500,000 for a 10 Marla Residential unit, PKR 2,300,000 to PKR 3,600,000 for a 5 Marla residential unit, PKR 37,500,000 to PKR 40,000,000 for a 8 Marla commercial unit, and PKR 17,500,000 to PKR 20,000,000 for a 4 Marla commercial unit.

Investment opportunities

For those wondering whether or not to invest in Prism 9 DHA Phase 9 Lahore, many experts believe now is the right time to invest because they believe the market value will see a surge in value once the development work is in full flow.

IVY Green Sector Z DHA Phase 8 Lahore : Luxury Meets Modern Environment

IVY Green

Luxurious. Modern. Environment

Who and What DHA is

The Defence Housing Authority (DHA) in Lahore, Pakistan, indeed is an extraordinary housing society that is making its name not only locally but also internationally. The DHA is often believed to be The New Rich because of the effervescent social life, upscale shops, literate elite and corporate offices it offers to Pakistan’s elite residents (top military officials, celebrities, politicians, and a lot of foreigners of Pakistani descent).

The DHA went through a far-reaching urban renewal that brought about new developmental areas. These include a world-class golf resort in partnership with Bandar Raya of Malaysia and a shopping and office complex in partnership with Global Haly of the United Kingdom. The two famous shopping centers, known as the Y-block market and the H-block market caters to all kinds of Western to Continental cafes, food shops, fitness clinics, hospitals, gyms and gift shops.

IVY Green: Luxury Meets Modern Environment

Recently launched in March 31, 2015 is DHA Sector Z, Phase VIII, which has been renamed IVY Green. This developmental work shall be finalized by the end of 2017. IVY Green is a stunningly designed sector, which is a fusion of all modern facilities of living.

It is ideally located only 20 minutes’ drive away from Allama Iqbal International Airport and only 10 minutes’ drive away from prominent educational institutes like Beacon House, Learning Alliance, LGS, LACAS & LSE. Now, what is the future of IVY Green Sector Z DHA Phase-VIII that it holds promise to?

Eco elegant living

Imagine a park – not just an ordinary park but an interactive one – where you and your family can spend some time away from the busy and noisy whines of the city. IVY Green is where you can find Japanese gardens, an interactive play area, an interactive laser show fountain, a green maze and a bird park in one location – now that is undeniably a modern environmental luxury you can’t find anywhere else.

IVY Green also offers eco friendly amenities like the solar street lights that will soon stand proud along the lanes of this contemporary developmental project. That’s not all – how does a Tree house coffee shop sound to you? Definitely exciting and unique!

Round the clock security and Walled Gated Community

A luxurious lifestyle begets a high-quality security. IVY Green is a walled and gated community that brings peace of mind to every residential and commercial owner that will be residing and working in the area. Security is one of DHA’s top priorities for its residents – this is the reason why they have employed professional management organization with distinct departments for each and every aspect, e.g. security, maintenance, administration, accounts, planning, etc.

Amenities IVY Green has to offer

The amenities are evenly distributed to achieve parity. There are residential plots and commercial plots available to cater to the balance of the residents to their needs and comforts. A hierarchical road network with a modern traffic management system will increase the comfort of living experience in IVY Green. An event complex will also soon stand in this sector as a venue for lavish and pleasurable entertainment.

Cavalry Ground Lahore – Corner Plot For Sale of One Kanal

Demand:  RS. 33,500,000


Purpose: For Sale

Area: Cavalry Ground Lahore Cantt.

Size:  1 Kanal


One Kanal Corner Plot for Sale in Cavalry Ground Lahore Cantt. For more details please call and visit the site.

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Very attractive Location.


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